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Travel Bags
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  Programa de entrenamiento POGO
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Hola que tal,

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  Check Valve suppliers
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Lift Check Valve
Parri lift check valve only allows medium to flow in one direction. when medium flows into the body as indicated by the arrow on the body, pressure of the medium acts on the disc to generate an upward thrust. When medium thrust is greater than the gravity of the disc, the valve opens;When pressure of the medium after the valve acts on disc and the gravity of the valve itself is greater than pressure before the valve, the valve is closed to prevent the medium from flowing backward. The flow passage of lift check valve is relatively narrow, and pressure loss of the medium after passing through disc is large. Disc can be metal sealed structure, or a soft sealed structure such as a rubber pad or a rubber ring on the disc.
Another name: piston check valve
Size: 1/2”-24”, DN15-DN600
Pressure range: Class 150lb-1500lb , PN1.6MPa-PN25.0MPa
Temperature: -196℃~+550℃
Connection: flange, SW, BW, threaded
Body: Lift Spring Loaded
Cover type: bolted cover, pressure seal cover, welded cover
Seat type: Integral seat or welded seat
Flange type: integral flange or welding flange
Port: full port, reduce port
Applicable Standards:
Design& Manufacture: API602,BS 1868, API6D, ASME B16.34
Face to Face Dimension: ASME B16.10
End Connection: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, ASME B16.25, ASME B16.11, ASME B1.20.1, BS21, EN1092,
BS4504, GOST 33259,etc.
Inspection and test : API 598,API 6D, EN12266
Marking according to :MSS SP-25
l Spring loaded available
l NACE MR is optional
l Quick closure to prevent backflow
l Maintains pressure
l Pressure seal design for high pressure application
l Only be used in horizontal pipe
l Hardfaced sealing surface of disc or seat
Parts Materials:
Parri Control provides you a full range of actuated valves, actuators and their accessories, If you have any inquiry or question about them please contact us at sale@xaparri.comCheck Valve suppliers


  Continuous Ice Cream Freezer manufacturers
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★Our History
Mr. Bai Yun, the founder of Weimar company, has been making ice cream for 15 years since 1991. He has an ice cream factory with 4 production lines from the ice cream shop. The used ice cream freezer has 3 gallons, 20 gallons, 300 liters, and 1,000L, the quality of the freezer bought is not good, the output is low, the failure rate is high, and regular maintenance is required. Some equipment bought new ones are not easy to use, Thus he think of ways to continuously improve. Accumulated experience in the process of improvement. Since 2000, ice cream freezer have been assembled and used in their own ice cream factories. Summarize these freezert is not easy to use for the following reasons: First: imitation of foreign equipment, did not master the core technology, the design of the irrational also imitation. Second: The parts and components are processed and the precision of the rough construction is poor. The third type is that it has no development capability, does not understand the actual situation of ice cream production and use, and cannot develop good products. Fourth, the equipment for processing parts is backward, there is no precise processing equipment, and the quality of external processing parts cannot be guaranteed. Equipment is not good and durable. Fifth: equipment manufacturers only want to make money, poor quality equipment is only sold to users, users respond to equipment problems, and push the responsibility to the user side.
In 2005, Mr. Bai established the Weima company, specialized in making ice cream freezers, and registered the V-MA trademark. At the beginning of the establishment of Weima Corporation, we aimed to develop products that do not copy other people's products. V-MA freezers are different from other freezers in appearance and components. V-MA freezer feed pump has 5 patented technologies, and the number of pump parts is 60% less than that of similar type freezers, and the number of parts is small cumulative tolerance Small, precision is more durable, and there is no need to adjust the gap during the use of the material pump. The thickness of the porous shaft tube is thicker and thicker, the mechanical strength is higher, and the deformation is not caused. The shaft portion of the stirrer is improved, the porous shaft is not scratched, and the porous shaft is not damaged for a lifetime. The company has processing equipment: US Haas's CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, freezing drum special boring machine, deep hole grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine and other processing equipment more than 20 sets, each part is a masterpiece, Weimar all The parts are processed by themselves. The factory is equipped with steam boilers and batching cylinders, and each unit must be batch-produced. After more than ten years of development, it has applied for a number of patents in technology, and the products have passed the EU CE certification.
China's V-MA freezers have been recognized by users and more than 70% of ice cream factories in China have Weima equipment. Most users purchased V-MA freezers many times. Some users separately purchased V-MA freezer material pumps to convert to other freezers, saving maintenance costs.
Weima Co., Ltd. established Suzhou Bilaile Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. in 2014. Bilal Co., Ltd. is responsible for sales and after-sales in the international market. Freezers are exported to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Israel, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc. In the country, export orders are more than a year, and some customers are already buying back for the second time.
VMA Ice cream machine features: easy to use, durable, low maintenance costs, maintenance once a year to achieve the performance of new equipment, the use of 15 years will not be eliminated.
★Our Factory
After more than 10 years of development, WEIMA has a professional production and after-sales team, advanced processing equipment, and a number of patented technologies. The V-MA ice cream freezer was well received by users. Most of the ice cream factories in China have V-MA freezers. Weima has its own foreign trade company. Export orders are more and more in past years.
V-MA ice cream machine features: easy to operate, Durable, low maintenance costs.
★Our Product  
Self-contained freezer : V2-300; V2-400; V5-600; V5-750; V5-1000; V5-1500;
External cooling freezer:V4-600; V4-1200; V2-1500; V3-2000;
fully Automatic External cooling freezer:V8-600; V8-1200; V8-2000
fully Automatic Self-contained freezer:V9-600; V9-1000; V9-1500;V9-2000
★Product Application
Industrialized Ice Cream Factory and Commercial Ice Cream Shop
★Our Certificate
EU CE certification, invention patents
★Production Equipment
Machining Center, CNC Lathe, Grinding Machine, Deep Hole Boring Machine, Deep Hole Grinding Machine
★Production Market
In addition to the Chinese market, Malaysia. Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan ,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Israel, Iraq, Sudan and other countries.
★Our service
Before sales, we need to communicate with customers to understand the needs of users, recommend suitable models or customize equipment according to customers' needs. Technical requirements for installation of equipment provided to customers during sales. Charge d'affaires freight logistics until the equipment arrives safely. After-sales return visits to the use of equipment, on-site service and network remote service, to help users solve problems that do not understand, to provide spare parts and return plant maintenance parts.Continuous Ice Cream Freezer manufacturers


  China Synthetic Hair Extension
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Q1: Why do hair extensions tangle?
A: Hair Extensions are getting tangled due to dryness. Make sure to wash and condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better.
B:To avoid tangling while you sleep, wrap hair up with  a satin scarf or use a satin sleep cap or a satin pillow case to prevent friction.

Q2: Why the colors of hair extensions don't seem exactly the same as the pictures show or description says?
Due to difference of display screens, the same color number may have a little color difference.
  China Synthetic Hair Extension


  Travel Bags
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Where we are
Our factory is located in Fujian China, one of the biggest bag manufacturing bases in the world.
1.5 hour car way from our factory is Xiamen International Airport where there is direct flight connects with Tokyo.
Who we are
With 30 years of experience, our factory and our manage team have the knowledge and experience in handling every aspect in bag manufacturing. Provide you with a one-stop source for variety of bags such as backpacks, tote bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, duffel bags, briefcases, etc.
Our factory has always been recognized as a bag manufacturer that stands by its quality in the area. Producing quality product is a core value which guides our company, along with providing fine services at bargain price.
Through our technological expertise and international management standards, our customers see us as their long term reliable and responsive business partner.
Why choose us
Sourcing from overseas could be challenging. Beyond a normal product manufacturer, we position ourselves as a trustworthy business partner who provides complete sourcing solutions. it is our goal to provide excellent sourcing experience to our clients and to create values together.
All managing team member have more than 12 years’ experience, always giving our clients professional suggestions and solutions. Give us your basic idea, we can make more than you expect.
Who work with us:
Organizations around the world trust us to help them meet evolving industry regulations and practices, with our depth of experience and knowledge.
Disclaimer:  Any trade marks and/or design rights shown in the photographs above do not belong to our company,but they are the intellectual properties of our respective clients.
What we do for quality control
With clearly defined quality policies and responsibilities, well managed documentations and records, and most importantly, in-depth process analysis and inspection, we are able to ensure consistent quality.
We believe the most efficacious way of production is to manufacture the products correctly upfront. We have several campaigns to implement this ideology among our floor workers.
Our second check point is the Manufacture Quality Control Team. This team monitors each procedure to make sure that every step is in strict accordance with standards. On the production line the ratio of workers to QC members is 10: 1.
After all the manufacturing procedures are completed, the products are ready for packaging. Packaging is the responsibility of the Packaging Quality Control Team. It checks every single product and filter out any item that is below the required standards. We refuse to package any item that is inferior; only the approved products are packaged.
Social Compliance
It is our core value to be social responsible and to protect the human rights of our workers. With endeavor to persuade sustainable implementation of the principles enable us not only to meet local law requirements, but also industrial standards and big retailers’ requirement from US and Europe.Travel Bags


Star Customized PP Hollow Sheet
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Our Factory  
Wuxi Box Packing Material Co., Ltd covers an area of 20,000 m2  and have 200 staffs. Professional team, efficient work can be provided to you.
Our Product  
PP material products can be made, such as PP hollow sheet, plastic turnover box, UV protect guard, etc.
Product application  
It can be used for industry, agriculture, shipping, advertisement, protecting floor, decorating and so on.
Our certificate  
We also have dangerous goods packaging qualification and four proprietary technologies, which can ensure the quality of products. Also, we own the ISO certificate.
Production equipment   
In order to make the delivery time shortly, advanced equipment is used all the time.
Product market   
Our customers are around the world and we also provide the best service for every customer.
Our service   
According to the needs of the customer, we will provide customers with the best overall design scheme before selling.
After confirmed, we will strictly product the goods and tell the update in time to ensure there is no any mistake.Customized PP Hollow Sheet


  wholesale Light Weight Polyester Wipe
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About Us
Founded in 1988, Smartet Technology Development is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture and export of sterilization cleanroom wipes, pre-saturate cleanroom wipes, wetted cleanroom wipes, cleanroom wipes, ESD anti-static cleanroom wipes, sticky mat, sticky roll, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom paper, cleanroom notebooks, anti-static cleanroom garments, antistatic packaging bags, medical sterilization products, medical gauzes, sterilized medical masks and many more. These products are widely applied in the IT, electronic, biotechnology, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, optical, hospital, precise instruments, aerospace, automobile, petroleum recovery and other related industries.
◆ Facilities and Workforce
Our 3000-square-meter factory, with a class 100 cleanroom, covering an area of 100 square meters ,class1000 cleanroom 100 square mater and class 10000 cleanroom 250 square meter. is outfitted with advanced production lines and 18M EDI water and testing equipments imported from Japan manned by 80 skilled workers including three well-experienced engineers, two foreign trade representatives and six professional QC auditors. With such resources, we are capable of producing 150, 0000 bags of cleanroom wipes and medical sterilized products annually. In addition, our R&D team develops 10 new products yearly to keep your options fresh.
◆ Prominent Companies Source from Us
Our commitment to providing world-class products has helped us establish long-term business partnerships with many prominent companies such as Sony, Foxconn, Wistron, Samsung, and Epson. For your assurance, we are authorized by German TUV, and one of the High Quality Manufacturers in China, our operations run according to ISO 9001:2008,ISO14001:2004 and ISO 13485:2003 guidelines and our products are compliant with SGS, RoHS and CE standards.
◆ Contact Us
Our products are widely exported to USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East .the US under our brands PERFWIPE and SMART We welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate business and establish long-term friendly cooperation relationships with us in the near future. Contact us today to get your orders started.
Cleanroom wipes, Sticky Mat & Sticky Roller, Cleanroom Swabs, Cleanroom Sterilized Wipes, Cleanroom Paper,  ESD Antistatic Wipes
◆ Product Application
Cleanroom Contamination Control & ESD Control Solutions
◆ Our Certificate
◆ Production Equipment
Cleanroom Class10-100 / 100-1000 / 1000-10000 /18M EDI Water System Ultrasonic cut  Laser cut
◆ Production Market
North America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Asiawholesale Light Weight Polyester Wipe


  60w 12v DimmAble Led Driver
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Our History
We established in 2006, we were start from the Power Adaptor and Switching Power Supply, from 2011, we start the LED Driver for the LED Bulb, LED Tube, Panel Light, Down Light which is mainly indoor use, from 2014, we add the waterproof type such as LED Driver for LED Street, LED Strip, LED Flood Light. And start to share the HK lighting Fair in April and Oct. As well as the Poland Lighting Fair, Thailand Lighting Fair and so on until now. From 2015, Dimmable LED Driver is our main products, 2016, beside the triac dimmable, Dali Dimmable, we success make the 3 in 1 dimmable that is 0-10V/1-10V/PWM in one LED Driver. 2017, we success to make 5 in 1 dimmable that is triac dimmable 10-10V 1-10V PWM Daili Dimmable in one LED Driver.
Our Factory
Our factory cover 4300 Squre meters and we own 150 workers utilizing 10 producing lines. We have 8 R&D staffs with more than 10 years experience in LED Driver, Our products are CE, TUV, RoHS, SAA, C-tick, RCM, FCC and ETL approved.
Our Product
Triac Dimmable Led Driver, 0-10V/1-10V/PWM Dimmable LED Driver, Dali Dimmable LED Driver, IP20 LED Driver, IP67 LED Driver, Slim LED Driver, T8 LED Tube Driver.
Product Application
LED Strip Light, LED Panel Light, LED Flood Light, T8 LED Tube, LED Street Light, LED Bulb, LED Screen, LED Down Light.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Components Forming Machine, LEAD-Free Soldering Wave Machine, Aging Testing Machine, Vacuum Machine, SMD Machine,
Production Market
Europe 80%, USA 5%, Asia 15%
Our Service
Fine Pre-sales Service, Professional In-Sales Service, Responsible After-Sales Service60w 12v DimmAble Led Driver


  32 way Power divider manufacturers
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Company Introduction  
ChengDu Leader Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful and resourceful" Land of Abundance"---ChengDu,china. We are the professional passive components manufacturer.
Our factory Primary products have Filter、Combiner、Duplexer 、Power Divider、Directional coupler、Circulator、Isolator、POI.,etc.They are typical applications include: satellite communication(3G 、4G、5GEtc),microwave mobile communication system, various RF system and radar system, base station network ,military and defense equipment, measuring and testing systems.
We have a professional and experienced technical develop group.  We can design and manufacture according to customer's special require .
The products are popular among the customers with good technological index and high quality. All production must be 100% and strictly test to ensure their functionality, reliability , security and durability before shipment.
We are constantly working towards improvement of our performance, high standards, on-time delivery, reliable products and competitive prices.
Our purpose is Quick delivery reliable quality instant service.
A well organized professional sales-support team
Export to more than 10 countries,especially Europe and the United States
OEM orders and customers’ design are welcome
response within 8 hours,3 year quality warranty .

ShippingBig GrinHL , TNT , UPS ,FEDEX , DPEX , Air and Sea
Our services
If the product does not meet your special requirements, please let me know your requirements, we will give you special design products.According to your request.
Our product quality assurance for one year, life-long free maintenance.Please rest assured purchase.

Contact us
ChengDu Leader Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person:Ms Anna zhang
Tel: 86-28-65199117                  Skype:leader-mv
Fax: 86-28-65199116                  Email: sales1 @ leader-mw.com32 way Power divider manufacturers


  Brushless DC Servo Motor suppliers
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Xi'an Aviatic Special Research Motor Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of micro motors and controllers. The company has rich experience in R & D and production of electric motors and has many experienced  technical staff and senior technicians, bachelor degree or above accounted for more than 55% of the total number of companies.
We has promoted and applied a large number of new technologies based on the principle of joint research and development and technology sharing,Cooperated with many famous universities. The main products include: micro-DC permanent magnet brush motor, rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor, coreless motor, IF three-phase AC motor and motor controller. Products with its small size, the advantages of large power density widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons and other fields, can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions, the product can reach military-grade requirements.Brushless DC Servo Motor suppliers