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<p>Host a socially distanced movie night with Teleparty! Choose a film, install the Teleparty browser extension, and create a virtual viewing room. Share the link with friends, allowing everyone to sync and chat while watching from their own homes. Enjoy a fun and safe movie night together, even from a distance!<br><br>teleparty<br>|<br>URL Opener<br>|<br>netflix watch party<br>|<br>watch party netflix<br>|<br>disney plus party<br>|<br>netflix watch party<br>|<br>netflix watch party<br>|<br>hbo max watch party<br>|<br>Screen Capture<br>|<br>multiple url opener<br>|<br>spotify ad blocker<br>|<br>hotstar party<br>|<br>hotstar party<br>|<br>tv activate help<br></p><div id="pip-toast"></div>