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Why We Prefer Wordpress in Our Digital Marketing Projects

</p><!--StartFragment--><p style="" class="">Choosing the right content manager for your new company website has always been a topic of debate. It is undoubtedly an important decision and therefore should not be taken lightly. It is clear that this decision will not only affect the way of updating the contents of the website, which must be agile and easy to use, but also the way in which it will affect your communication strategy after the publication of the new website. We refer to content marketing , social media , email marketing , adwords , etc. In this post we want to tell you why we prefer WordPress in our digital marketing projects and how it has benefited us for positioning and attracting traffic from our clients. WordPress is a very versatile content manager.<br></p><p><br>It allows a lot of flexibility in both frontend and backend web development. It is very easy to use internally, which greatly facilitates the training we offer our clients when it comes to publishing content correctly once we deliver the website. It is a platform in constant evolution and offers great Armenia Phone Number agility in SEO optimizations. But also, for us, it is an excellent tool for the implementation of the content marketing strategy in all the digital marketing projects that we carry out for our clients. We would like to list in more detail why WordPress is the ideal content manager for us. WordPress is the platform par excellence for Content Marketing. It is based on the blog as the central tool to add valuable content and capture segmented traffic.</p><p><br><br>[Image: bonna.jpg]</p><p><br><br>To give you an idea it is a very friendly platform with Google, facilitating an agile positioning . In all digital marketing projects that we carry out for our clients, we create content that different audiences like, encouraging quality conversions in a short time. The plugins we use for SEO optimization are quite advanced and increasingly easy to install, allowing better results in less time. This, in turn, makes the web obtain a more interesting positioning in the desired positions. Many of the on-page SEO optimizations that we carry out do not require programming knowledge. They can be implemented from the same WordPress interface. Currently WordPress templates make customization work much easier for us, most of them are already 100% responsive and offer a really attractive interface. <br></p><p><br></p>

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