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curly kinky wig
<p>When you receive your lace wig, you will notice how gorgeous it looks and how amazing it feels. curly kinky wig Of course, just like any other possession, it is important to care for your lace wig properly to maintain those characteristics. Yet, taking care of a lace wig may be different than taking care of the wigs you are accustomed to or taking care of your natural hair. Since this is the case, it may be beneficial for you to hear maintenance tips from the pros. Read more below to find out how you can care for your lace wigs to keep them looking beautiful and help them last a long time!<br><br>You should wash your wig once every one-two weeks. It is important to wash it gently with special wig shampoo and conditioner. Alternatively, you can use a very gentle shampoo that does not deposit product into the hair. hair wig style Be sure to rinse the hair of the shampoo thoroughly without getting the wig base soaked. When you condition the hair, this is an ideal time to comb it out and detangle it. As with the shampoo, be sure to rinse out the conditioner completely. Finally, hang your wig to air-dry rather than blow-drying it.<br><br>To store your wig, whether you are simply taking it off for the evening or placing bob wig human hair it away for much longer, it is important to position it on a mannequin or a wig holder. Make sure you do not place it next to direct heat or sunlight. Keeping Your Wig Away from the Swimming Pool and Shower!You may already know that wigs and water are not friends. It is important to never swim with your wig or submerge your wig in the shower. While getting caught in the rain can be accidental, it is best to travel prepared with a hood or an umbrella.Sleeping in your wig can damage the wig, the hair, and your natural hair and scalp. It is important to remove your wig before sleeping to keep your wig looking its best!<br><br>Although you can heat-style real human hair, it is best to keep straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers to a minimum. Heat can severely damage hair over time, as well as dry it out and make it brittle. If you can, body wave hair wig choose a pre-styled wig to avoid the problem altogether! When you wear a lace wig, a wig cap is an optional item. However, wearing a wig cap can prevent long-term damage to the wig base during application and removal.Lace is less durable than the material on traditional types of wigs! Make sure to handle and transport your lace wig with care, making sure not to tip or damage the lace.<br><br>NEOBEAUTY Hair<br>Whatsapp:+8618620685078<br>Email:[email protected]<br><br></p>
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