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Names of people with highest snap scores
<p>Below are some names of people who are having the <a href=""><b>highest snapscore</b></a> on the platform:-<br>1. Mustbecris- He holds the record for the highest Snapchat score which is 322 million. He shares a lot of stories of himself, play various games and other things on Snapchat.<br>2. Dion-19- This person has the second-highest Snapchat score which is 239 million. He shares entertaining snaps and use the snap map to stay connected with everyone.<br>3. Cris-this guy- This person is having the third-highest snap score of 134 million.&nbsp; <br><br></p><p>Read More:-&nbsp;<a href=""></a></p>
I don't know about the names but i heard that the top record of highest snap score is around 322 million so you can get an idea from hete.

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